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I want to be an entrepreneur!

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Kicked start today by taking some shoots of a model applying cosmetic and pretending eating non-fat food. I like my model, she is wearing a spider-web stocking and short flowery black skirt. She took off her sweater, I told her she can wear (if she is feeling cold) or do not wear, and she decided to take it off.

Next, attended an entrepreneur talk. It’s interesting that more than 400 years ago, the spirit of entrepreneurship has emerged, as exemplied by renovation of churches. I am grateful to God, for having seen some of the most beautiful churches.
The most beautiful altar: Basilica Montreal.
The most beautiful floors: St John Co-Cathedral,Malta.
The most beautiful experience with Darling: St Peter Basilica for our Christmas Eve mass.

For some people, not being an entrepreneur is a risk, their risk is ending up in a boring job.

Well, we can live entrepreneurly without having to set up a company.

Above was written in autumn 2008.

Now in summer 2011, I want so much to have a company of my own, be an entrepreneur!

Here are useful notes:

able to ADAPT to new economic circumstances and living conditions.

able to multitask: “you have to be travelling and yet be present in your hometown, be able to envision the future still developing the present” Beatrice Trussardi.

a drive to innovate.

a permanent search for new opportunities.

no clear-cut def for “entrepreneur”.

accounting skills, sales skills, people skills, science skills, presentation skills.

Morten Lund: “You always have to acknowledge LUCK as part of your entrepreneurial success”

Entrepreneurship is much more about TEAM WORK and GROUP EFFORT.

You have to be HUNGRY to be a successful entrepreneur.

Morten Lund” “Successful entrepreneurs are role models, but 7 out of 10 entrepreneurs are not role models because they fail.”

Christian von Koenigsegg: “I have a really ROCK SOLID BELIEF that if you really want something and believe in it and work hard for it, you will get it”.

“If I or my company suffer any setback, I always have to look at it as an opportunity” Suhas Gopinath (SG)

“I do not think we should underestimate anyone because of their economic status or age. I used to offer my service FREE of charge, and this enabled me to showcase my skills” SG.

“If you believe in your own ideas and visions you will be able to acquire these skills on your own” SG.

“To secure our future success we are constantly intensifying COMPETITIVENESS in this organisation” Paul Bulcke of Nestle.
“not having people motivated only by rewards.”
“want to maintain our basic philosophy – that people are here for the long run, that they are here because they identify with the values, mission, and vision of this company”.

Tips: Do not stop learning.
e.g. Although being successful, Therese Albrechtson (1985, Swedish) never stopped her studies and is currently taking several courses in leadership and economical theory at IHM Business School.

Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?
1. To offer employment to others.
2. Passion. Utilize my talents to serve others.

Written by blueroselady

August 1, 2011 at 7:30 pm

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