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TIPS: A better you

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It is the 2nd half of 2011.
Let us see what we have learned since early this year.

Eat unprocessed, unheated honey.
Spread unprocessed honey on wholemeal bread for lasting energy.
Unprocessed honey tends to be cloudy, not the clear kind.
Add honey to your cup of cammomile / milk at bedtime.

Jump on trampolines.
Jumping helps slow down osteoporosis, revs up immunity, releases mood-lifting endorphins.
To avoid injury, land softly on bended knees.

Don’t wait = Just do it.
Aim to reach small wins, as these will boost your confidence.
Don’t wait for change to happen; make it happen.

Invite help, instead of always accusing or instructing.
Use phrases: “Do you have any suggestions about how you can help out?”
“When I see you do … I feel … Therefore, I would like you to …”
Delegate, Delegate.

Make new friends.
Acquaintances who share common interests with you, are easier to suggest things to do together.
When you feel down after meeting an old friend who, let’s say, is a constant whiner, it may be time to draw some boundaries.
Lesson: don’t be a whiner.

Gratitude: appreciate things you already have brings more joy than chasing after new things.

Add 20% more time to what you think you will need.

Try and consciously do something nice for others.
Hold a door open for someone or greet a stranger with a smile.

You are not paid by the hours you put in, or by your work volume.
You are paid for RESULTS.


Written by blueroselady

July 1, 2011 at 3:51 pm

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