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Women who magnetized me

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Vivian Hsu
angelic face, sexy figure
hardship in the beginning of her career, but she did not give up.

Below are from my writing in late May 2009 :

Her sad gaze moves my heart, her tragic death makes me crying.

I think 在她的气质里面都有一种悲剧的成分,都有一种讲不出来的、压抑着的那种悲哀的感觉。

I was reading her life story, listening to the song 莲花处处开. My tears fell down on cheeks. Perhaps, her tragic life story enliven her story forever.

《新女性》 is her penultimate movie, in which there is a great resemblance with her real life.

Tina Modotti
She is an actress, a model and a photographer too!

A poem by Pablo Neruda for Tina:
Pure your gentle name, pure your fragile life,
bees, shadows, fire, snow, silence and foam,
combined with steel and wire and
pollen to make up your firm
and delicate being.

Grace Kelly
She is a very beautiful princess, with the GRACE to magnetize people.
I love her because she does a lot of charity works and support arts.
Her tragic end in accident is very sad, but we cherish the memories on this Princess of Monaco.
I had also paid tribute at her tomb at the Monaco Cathedral, after a mass on a rainy Sunday in Spring 2009.


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