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I do not want to be UA customer again

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In early 2011
Woke up 6.30 am to go to UA office at the airport.
The staff told me that I should go to UA ticketing office in the city center, but the UA US call centre (where I booked my flight) told me to go to airport.
Fortunately, the airport staff was willing to help me, in spite of the 80 minutes wait.
There was no seating area, so I was standing and surviving by reading the guide book of destination.

However, I am grateful to God that we managed to get our tickets (though Darling took other better airlines using his mileage). God, thank you for letting us to see the world together. I will be more hardworking (in learning and earning $) and grateful so that we deserve visits to the dream destinations (since 2006).

Summer 2011
I look forward to my Europe trip and Thailand trip.


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June 27, 2011 at 2:48 pm

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