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Tips: avoid violent men at all cost

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I am sad reading the news of Lee Eun Mi (24), who was reportedly stabbed 65 times by her ex- boyfriend, surnamed Cho. She is young and pretty with husky voice, there are so many potentials lost, and her precious life terminated at the hand of a monster. He should be sentenced to death. Yet, my religion teaches me to be merciful and forgiving even to murderers. Let the law decide.

Yes, everyone will experience anger at some points of their lives. However, some creatures do not value lives that they let their anger erupts and causes lives.

Watching too many movies with high violent contents are bad for you and your loved ones.

Growing up watching domestic violence result in violent adults. How can we help these people? Religion. Touch them physically and spiritually.

Ladies, if your husband / love have tendency to be violent against you, it is better to ditch them.

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June 24, 2011 at 1:48 pm

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