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Tips: before you travel and during your journey

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First aid kit
Drug allergy history
Bring extra 1 week medicine if you are on medication
Pack medication on hand luggage, get a letter of certification to bring on board
Do not carry too heavy luggage

Keep yourself hydrated; alcohol lead to dehydration
Exercise your leg to prevent deep ven thrombosis
Stand up and walk about esp long distance flight / coach
Plan stopover if possible
Drink 1 plastic cup of water every hour while flying – refill water
Do not sit cross-legged

Vaporizer, hot water bowl

Pregnant mum do not travel in 1st & last trimesters.
1st trimester = before 13 weeks.
To obtain a cert of fitness to travel
If you discover bleeding, avoid traveling
Check nearest obstetric facilities at destination
Use anti embolism stockings / TED : reduce risk of blood clots leg

Carry a summary of medical history & prescribed med
Translate to local language
Pace yourself, avoid rush around


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