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In spring 2011, I think bloody red is sexy.
Though long nails are sexy, because I love to interact with children, I do not want to scratch them. I also do not want to scratch people when we shake hands or my lover when we make love. So I play safe, have short neat nails.

In my humble opinion, wearing perfumes is like a double-edge sword.
A family doctor, of volatile mood, does not like it, and I remembered he was unhappy because MIL applied perfume.

Products review:
Jericho (Made in Israel) dead sea salt, feel burning sensation, facial scrub, the same burning sensation. May 2011. I do not like it (feel likes my parts are shedded away).

Hair extension
Original hair should be at least shoulder length.

French look: porcelain skin, red vibrant lips.
Japanese look: manga-big eyes, kissable pout.

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June 18, 2011 at 4:37 am

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