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Tips: to prevent, reduce, diminish acne or pimples

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Keep your HAIR and your HANDS OFF YOUR FACE, the oils from both will clog your pores.

Change your pillow case every other day.

Avoid heavy makeups, creams, and lotions.

DRINK plenty of WATER.

Use Steam for the face to unclog pores. After this, you can begin your usual facial cleaning with opened pores.

Products like benzoyl peroxide and acid based products are more harmful than anything. They may work at first but down the road these products will assist you in the aging process much more rapidly drying the skin and stripping your skin of it’s natural nutrients.
Blueroselady should stop applying benzoyl peroxide once the pimples dry.

Don’t Stress over your Acne.

Sleep earlier than midnight.

I have applied the followings:
egg white: whole face, tightening feeling, but a bit troublesome.
lime extract on pimple scar.
natural + manufactured aloe vera on pimples + scars.
10% benzoyl peroxide on pimples.
tea tree oil on pimples.
pearl powder

2. Mum’s advices


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