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Tips (photogenic): How to take the most beautiful portrait of you?

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Have you ever wonder why some people whom you think as attractive appear less in their photos? These people may include you.
Photos are 2D.
No depth perception.
2D allows one to scrutinize your features, and you cannot hide your emotions.
2D cannot show all your good attributes.

Do you want to appear attractive in photos?
You have the right to put your best self forward.

Everyone has his or her best angle. I know this because I am a photographer. I am constantly seeking beautiful shots to be imprinted through my camera or brain.
People who are photographed for a living are highly aware of which angles and poses work best for them.
Imagine that you rotate your head from the axis of center of mass, 120 degree to the right, and 120 degree to the left.
Rotate slowly, each with an increment of less than 10 degree.
If necessary, do a series of portrait of these constant increments, and analyze which ones are the most optimal for you.
You tilt your chin downward in an increment of several degree, to obtain the best look of you.
Jacqueline Kennedy technique: Try looking slightly above the camera when the picture is taken. This also reduce the red eye effect.
For me, I look more attractive when I rotate my face to the left than to the right.

My face is asymmetrical. Not to worry if you are like me. I know some good looking guys, who despite their asymmetrical eyes (one is bigger than the other), are still handsome. Perhaps, it is their imperfection that makes them dearly.
Every thing that we have in pairs are susceptible to asymmetry. Our eyes, eyebrows (I still have difficulties in drawing a symmetrical pair of eyebrow, keep on the hard work!), shoulders, as well as our internal organs and hidden body parts.
You have to decide, whether you are to improve these with make-up or bravely reveal them. Be confident!

If you look good from almost every angle in x, y and z directions, and your face is symmetry, congratulations! You are natural model.

We know these but we do not necessarily practise it especially when faced with a black box – those large camera of professional photographers.
Honestly, I look pretty mediocre without smiles, but I can look very beautiful with my smiles.
Smile with your EYES.
Imagine that this black box has a smiling face, and you SMILE back with all your kindness and happiness. Your beauty will radiate and be captured in your photos.

What is classic model pose? arrange your body 3/4 toward the camera with 1 foot in front of the other and one shoulder closer to the camera than the other.
Relax your shoulders.
Relax, but not over relax (do not care attitude). Distraction or annoyance always shows in photos.
Not easy for me to stand up straight and not look stiff, practise in front of mirrors.
Exercise, dance.

Imagination is one of God’s greatest gift to human beings.
Imagine that you are smiling to the person you love most, even if he or she is not present during the photo session. Your cheeks will be rosy and radiantly healthy.
Imagine that you are a carefree bird, your spirit is high, your muscles are relaxed.
Imagine that you are seeing the most beautiful sceneries and people of your life, your positive energies will be captured in your photos.

Practise, practise, practise how to pose and smile so that they become second nature and you stop to be conscious of using them and just DO IT, like the Nike slogan.
Some people may not like being photographed, but you have to be photographed, at least for the legal photos. Pretend that you like to be photographed, like you pretend to be your movie heroes.

Below are not good:
Patterns can overwhelm you.
Horizontal stripes can make you appear too wide.

Hide your oiliness (T-zone, cheek), blemishes, pimples, and wrinkles.
Gentlemen, please do not be embarrassed to put on powder.
Concealer to cover skin redness (e.g. around nose).
Use eye drops to clear redness in your eyes.

Large pupils are generally more attractive, minimize flash photography, use natural light if possible.
Good light include early morning and evening; a golden glow on your face can work wonders. Think of Golden hours in Beijing 2006.
Side-lighting: try to stand where the lighting falls on your good side.
Side lighting makes your features pop out better than front lighting.
Direct flash from front is UGLY!

Brush your hair into place.
Hair can cover your features, pro and con.
Place your hair appropriately.

Use a telephoto lens or zoom out, and move back. use f 1.4, 1.8. Bokeh.
Wrinkles / pores are BIG NO NO for ladies. OK for mature men, they look tough / experienced.
If light is too poor, ask for FILL FLASH or REBOUNCE FLASH. No UGLY direct flash please.

Written by blueroselady

June 1, 2011 at 4:04 pm

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