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What is love?

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Perhaps we have been affected by romantic movies, which may not necessarily send the right messages.
Do you think that love is only between man and woman?
Yes, I agree that you will say that there will be love between parents and children, between siblings.
How is about love between man and man, woman and woman, man and man?
I am not suggesting homosexuality.

I believe that in your life, you have met people whom you like instantaneously or gradually like. You feel happy when you think about, talk to, do things together with them.

I advocate that you bravely open yourself to possibilities of love. You have to be aware that there are many types of love.

I am fortunate to have my Darling, we are lovers, we have spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy that we do not share with other people.

I also have the love of my parents. Parents please do not expect your children to love you as much as, in the way of you love them; if you do so you are highly prone to disappointment. The law of the nature is that water flows from the high to the low place. Of course, children love their parents to the best they can.

There are people in our lives, who intersect with our life path for multiple times or merely once, but they leave deep impressions and touch our hearts.
I will share with you two examples:
One of my girlfriends, we love to eat, play, and take photos. We help each other in finance, career, and big events of our life. I love her and wish the very best for her life.
A guy whom I met through a “Hi” in a street where cherry blossoms in the spring. We have pure friendship, long-term encouragement, and pat each other shoulders even if we are separated thousand miles apart.
A Johnny-Depp look-alike, well I first I did not think he looks like JD, but after I gradually learn more about my friend, I could see his talent! We became friends after multiple bus stop encounters.
Life is wonderful and gives us people whom we love.
God, I am so grateful.
Please teach me to love others like my own brothers and sisters.

Written by blueroselady

May 27, 2011 at 3:27 pm

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