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VIVA: an oral examination, typically for an academic qualification
VIVA is an abbreviation of the Latin “viva voce” (with living voice)

Sample of acknowledgements:
My gratitude goes to all people who have provided me with support, technical or otherwise, for the completion of this thesis. I owe a great deal of thanks especially for my thesis advisor, [Professor la la la], for his advices – both technical and in scientific writing, insightful comments, and encouragement. I would also like to thank [mentor name(s)], for the many discussion and answers, especially about [technical term 1] and [technical term 2].

This research has been possible with funding from the [sponsor name]. I would like to thank [admin staff] for their constant administrative support.

I am also very grateful with the help from [people name] who have provided administrative support for students, and whose hard work is often left unmentioned.
Lastly, for my entire family, and my friends (in [location 1, location 2, location 3, and others]), thank you for being there, for your overflowing love, support, and faith in me. To my international mix of friends in [university la lal la], thank you for sharing our differences and making life here more colorful.
This work was supported in part by the [sponsor name] under Contract No. [insert]. Any opinion, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the [sponsor name].

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