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Tadeus Reichstein

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A year ago, I saw a placcard written in German. I google translated it for those who know only English (including me).

In Diesem Haus Arbeitete Von 1938 bis 1950
Tadeus Reichstein (1897-1996)

Als ordinarius fur pharmazeutische
chemie, inhaber des lehrstuhles fur
pharmazie und als vorsteher des
pharmazeutischen institutes.
1950 Erhielt professor reichstein fur die
erforschung der nebennierenrinden-
hormone den nobelpreis fur medizin

In this house worked from 1938 to 1950
Tadeus Reichstein (1897-1996)

As for pharmaceutical ordinarius
Chemistry, Chair for
pharmacy and as head of the
pharmaceutical institutes.
1950 Recipient of rich stone for the professor
exploration of the adrenal
hormone the Nobel for medicine

Reichstein means Rich Stone.
Well, the house is in Basel, Switzerland.


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