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Tips: wedding photography

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Shooting tips for the groom and the bride:
1. Be cheerful. Your happiness will show up in the pictures. Even if it rains, remain positive. The experienced photographer will be able to make the best of the situation.
2. Decide your preferred season. Different scenery and temperature will be reflected in your photos. I remember chasing for spring flowers in Cambridge, so exciting 🙂
3. Pick a vendor who is knowlegeable about the routes and destinations of the photo spots and tourist attractions.
4. Get the photography done 1st before going for the gourmet tour (who can resist delicious food?)
5. Communicate with the photographer (itinerary, venues, photography style).
6. Communicate with stylist. Do not hesitate to give feedback during make-up session.
7. Prepare 3-6 mths in advance.

Photo sites in Taiwan:
Danshui (was Taiwan’s largest harbour) – Fisherman’s Wharf, Lover’s Bridge for waterfront and sunset shot. Fort San Domingo, Oxford College (red-brick wall).
Ta-Tun Flower Garden (windmill). Ask your photographer about the Black Forest with its tall cypress trees.
Laomei – algal reef visible at low tide.
Jiufen – 1930s-feeling mining town. Cheongsam.

Sun Moon Lake – forest, floral seas, romantic castle, 6-star Lalu Hotel.
Alishan – cherry blossoms, 3000 year-old Shenmu (sacred tree) of 53 m tall and 23 m wide.
Qing Jing Farm (Little Switzerland) – sheep, guesthouses.

Taipei 101 – over 500 m tall (a friend of mine is an accountant of KPNG at that building, yeah!)
night markets

For more details:

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April 30, 2011 at 6:02 am

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  1. I just signed up pre welding photoshoot with ivy bridal taipei. Can recommend any nice place to take welding photoshoot over there?

    Jenny Hwo

    September 21, 2012 at 7:14 am

  2. […] taken at the National Palace that I cherish), Yunnan, Sichuan (especially near Chengdu), Hong Kong,Taiwan. Korea: very romantic for autumn and winter shots. 2. Malaysia : Malacca, Penang 3. Indonesia: Bali […]

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