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Tips: bridal actual day beauty and make-up preparation

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Practise, practise, practise. Practise makes perfect.

Non-SPF product (which is good for flash photography).
But if we want to take photos under the sun, we really need SPF, so turn off the flash! Let the natural light work.

What do I want to look like for my wedding?
Big doll eyes.
Crescent moon-like eyebrow and SYMMETRICAL!
Small red lips like Snow White. Lipstick that wont mar my husband when we kiss.
White flawless skin with soft pinky cheek.
Hairstyle that shows less forehead, with wavy long hair at 1 side.

Mascara: apply several times. The secret of REPETITION !

Role models:
Roommate likes JapanEye_cl2425_2, because of black hair.

For step-by-step, see my note in google spreadsheet.

My references: Snow_White.flv, BridalMakeUp1.flv

@~@ Make-up removal TIPS
# use baby oil to remove eye make up. Baby oil is relatively economical, safe for baby, so safe for you.
# Scrub face after washing with facial wash. Hopefully can remove the make-up and together with dead skin.

How an elegant bride smile?
Use hand to cover your laughter, like the Japanese lady.
Smile with lips closed.
Smile with 6 upper teeth shown, not more than those.

Perhaps, Should go to do manicure the day before actual day.
Nail polish applying skill is kindergarten-level.

How to apply nail polish?

Exfoliate 24 hrs before
take aspirin
taking a hot shower or laying a warm towel over your face for 10 minutes before you start helps a lot because it opens up your pores
Thread (use a string to remove hair).

mirandaugh: waxing, threading, or plucking with tweezers pulls the hair out at the root. if will grow back thinner, or simply the same thickness as it was originally. it is when you shave the hair that it appears to grow back thicker, because shaving just removes the top portion of the hair, leaving it blunt. thats why it grows back scratchy and coarse (it is not actually thicker, just looks and feels that way). hope that helps 🙂

Should I trust mirandaugh? early Apr 2011: I gave up on threading, it is painful and I bleed. Happy bride is the most beautiful one.

Q. How to apply nail polish neatly?
1 week before wedding, remove any nail polish. Apply baby lotion using cotton bud: on nail, cuticle, skin near nail (my skin tends to tear).
PATIENCE is virtue.
must remove cuticle (as I do not have cuticle remover of pH 12, I am using baby oil to soften my cuticle).
base coat so nail polish last longer -> leave gap for cuticles (you do not need to follow the shape of your finger, as long as it is oval shape, should be nice) -> 3 strokes methods from center. Wait until dry.
Re-apply 2-3 coats to enhance the color (see Tut_manicure_nail_polish.flv)
use nail polish remover on cotton bud (to fix those not neat ones).

Q. How is about clip-on / clip-in hair extension?
Hair extension seems to be painstakingly inconvenient.

Q. Does ampoule cause outbreak / acne?


Though there are things that we should delegate to others (our friends, those professionals in exchange of our $), being able to do things as nicely as professional does boost up our confidence. These beauty skills are essential not only for once-in-a-lifetime wedding, but also our future as a charming woman.
Hope these tips are useful to you. Good luck and with lots of hugs!

See also: “Wedding preparation”


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April 21, 2011 at 1:49 am

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