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Tips: do not compare (人比人气死人)

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A magazine said that women like to compare where others are on the career / marriage / babies / look / health ladder – specifically, where they are in relation to you.

e.g. of comparing women.
“She had a baby at 42, there’s hope for me yet”.
“I’m glad I went back to work after having my kinds. She took so much time out, and there just aren’t the jobs now”.
“She may have millions in the bank, a successful film career, and be a year younger than me, but at least I have my own breasts and an understanding husband.”

A 45-year-old lawyer: I have always focused on my career so I am obsessed with women’s age relative to achievement and what else they have done in their life”.

In order to make us purchase more, we need to be made to feel more and more lacking in something. Women are particularly prone to it.

For every example you find that makes you feel good about yourself, there is always another that makes you feel bad.

Never compare yourself to others for there will always be greater and lesser persons than yourself – in other words, benchmarking optimism can easily tip you into despair.

Written by blueroselady

April 10, 2011 at 6:17 am

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