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How and when do we want to die?

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This morning on the train to work, I read parts of the Lent reflection. Often, our concerns are limited to our current situation or at most few years down the road.
We tend to avoid pondering and discussing death.
However, nobody can avoid death.
We can choose not to move to a place, not to marry, or to do a particular thing.
Since we cannot prevent death, though with God grace and our health and safety precaution we could improve our lives and live longer (subjected to the will of God), why do not we decide what kind of death we wish?
Though we may not always get what we wish, but a praying heart may get an answer in this life time.

During the funeral of my grandmother, I am inspired by her lantern: mother of 4 generations. Our science teachers taught us that for a species to avoid extinction, they have to reproduce. Our economists warn us that we are living in an over-populated earth. Whom should we listen to?
@~@ People may be concerned about the cost of raising children, and other living costs (housing, taxes, …, the list will be endless).
@~@ Women may be concerned about delay in their careers if they have children.
@~@ People may not have found the right partners. Beautiful, charming, and people seem to be easier to get people to fall in love with them. I argue that this may be a dellusion in some cases. Those admirers may not truly love you as a person, but they love you because you are beautiful or rich or talented. If you are, like me, not outstandingly beautiful in the view of crowd, you can always work harder to build strength in other areas, e.g. inner beauty. God will help you and there will always someone in this world who will love you.

If God grants me, I wish to die in sleep at my old age (I told people that I wish to live to 100 years) surrounded by loving children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
Perhaps, several days before my last day on this earth, God will send a message through His angels. Then, I could give my last advices, hugs, and kisses to my loved ones.

If God grants me, I wish to live my old age pursuing meaningful and beautiful things. For example,
@~@ do volunteer work, read stories to children, share with young people. To be able to share, I have to present well and have substances to present.
@~@ be a Justice of Peace to marry people.
@~@ pursue art: photography (especially people and nature).
@~@ do scientific research, though my learning speed may not be as good as young people, I am humble to learn from them.


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April 4, 2011 at 2:46 pm

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