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Where do I stand?
Honestly, all my colleagues are smarter, faster, more capable, knowledgable, and mature than me.
Sometimes, I wonder why colleague A being so good yet has to struggle for years?
Sometimes, I wonder why colleague B who is so smart and talented, cannot get the job that he wants. Too many competition? Not good enough?

Sometimes, I wonder why colleague Z does not want to go to pursue a better opportunity, to join the world class, given his outstanding previous performance?
Sometimes, I wonder how on earth I arrive here. How many more months, how many more years I can keep on struggling and fighting?
I am really grateful for an opportunity to go to the world class destination, to work with the world class people. What does this mean? Should I persevere? I love to collaborate, sometimes and many times I find myself alone. They said that individual, but not team, is promoted. I cannot trust people 100%, though deep inside I wish I could trust others. Fortunately, I still have a super good friend whom I can trust and always tell me not to give up (J), a long term collaborator who is highly idealist and a big dreamer, and many other blessings.

Since my early school days, I have to work extra hours, put extra efforts. Yet, over the years, family responsibilities are and will be increasing. How to achieve a balanced life?
I wish not to be like my boss who works everyday and has no family, though his peer said he has a good career.
I want to be responsible to the company that has paid my income.
I want to be a good child, a good spouse, a good parent, a good society member, and a good global citizen.
Perhaps I could not state so much of what I want, I can only make the best of whatever opportunities and blessings that I have.
After closing a chapter in a life, I have to make a firm decision. To join force with Panda for the grand plan: the outcome of which is to make this world a better place.


Written by blueroselady

February 23, 2011 at 3:41 pm

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