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Happy Valentine 2011

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My ideas this year:
a card (classic).
cook red / purple color soup of beetroot, rich in anthocyanin (powerful antioxidant).
Happy Project (the weekend preceding February 14th which fall on Monday).
watch a Korean romantic-comedy together at home.

Top Korean romantic-comedy:
The Classic a.k.a Love Story
My Sassy Girl (watched)
200 Pounds Beauty (watched)
My wife is a gangster
Please Teach me English. Somebody told me that this movie reminds him on Amelie.
My Little Bride (watched)
Innocent steps (watched)
Millionaire’s First Love
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.. and Spring (watched)

吝啬罗曼史 Jjejjehan Romance (watched)

I consider buying a couple spa package. Yet, I guess that there will be many customers which render reduced quality of services. The same goes for restaurants, some will in fact increase their prices. Only (expensive) valentine menu is available.


Written by blueroselady

February 14, 2011 at 2:14 pm

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