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Sharings by Christian scientists

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In the room was a cub reporter for the student newspaer who reported Don Munro’s statements but recorded them erroneously or out of-context.

Almost every scientist wishes to SUCCEED and make an important contribution to his or her field.

As someone with many titles (professor, advisor, mentor, wife, mother) but only 24 hours a day, Ruth Douglas Miller (Kansas State U) realizes that she cannot be number one in each of her roles.

Dun Munro found that students and courses needed his time, and that the time constraints at a small college do not generally allow one to do world class research. Munro finally decided to make his contribution in smaller things, e.g. studying the ethics of genetic engineering, participating in summer research project, and in sharing his life and time with students.

For each individual, God has given different sets of priorities, gifts, and talents.

Questions of “why am I doing this narrowly focused research?” and “what is supposed to be my contribution to the field given my relative lack of knowledge?” are just a few of the struggles new scientists face.

For those experiencing the temporary nature of appointment, it is recommended not to focus on the temporary nature of the situation, but instead to enjoy what is good about it while one is there.

Harlan Kredit: no matter what the weather, “Isn’t it a great day to be alive?!”

The purpose of a graduate education in the sciences is to learn how to learn.

When you’re an undergraduate, you don’t know enough to know you don’t know anything. It’s only once you’ve become a graduate student that you learn enough to know that you don’t know anything.
I laughed reading this!

The desire for certainty pushes one to be more conscientious in his work. Yet, sometimes it makes one quite inflexible.

God has been helping Johnny Lin to break his addiction to certain by drawing him instead to rest deeper in fiath.
To marry trust, one must be a widow of certainty.

May our intellectual labors bear spiritual fruits.

(1) Knowledge and loving God: reflections on faith and my graduate experience.
(2) Challenges and opportunities for Christians in science at the beginning of their careers.

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