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Tips: first gynecologist visit

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Ask that the doctor tells you what (s)he is doing and why as (s)he does it.
Let the doctor know what you need to be comfortable.
If your doctor is male and that makes you uncomfortable, you can ask to have a nurse in the room.
Write down all the questions you may have about your health, your cycles.
If you are getting exam: Be sure to relax, and use the bathroom first to empty your bladder or bowels. Having to go to the bathroom during an exam is not a fun experience.

Your doctor will begin with:
Some questions about your medical history.
A basic physical exam, just like at a regular doctors, including an examination of your eyes and ears, heart and lungs, blood pressure, and weight.
A basic abdominal exam, where (s)he massages your stomach and hip area, and will ask if any spots are tender or painful.
(S)he may also take some blood samples from your arm to check your hormone levels (which in the case of abnormal periods, may be out of whack). You may also get a standard blood and urine screen for STIs, particularly if you have been sexually active. If you have been sexually active, you should be sure to ask for those tests expressly: some doctors only do them when patients ask for them.
Most likely, before the pelvic exam, the doctor will do a breast exam, during which (s)he will feel your breasts and chest area in massaging movements to check for any lumps or irregularities.

Your doctor will first just look at the appearance of your vulva — your external genitals — looking for any lumps or bumps, swelling, funny colors, or unusual discharge. (S)he may put a gloved finger on your vagina to see if your glands put out any pus or mucus when touched.

Bimanual exam: your doctor may insert a gloved finger or two into your vagina while they put their other hand on your abdomen and torso. (S)he will press different spots on your stomach and hips and ask if anything feels painful or tender.

Speculum exam: if you have not been in any way sexually active and/or are under 21, you will not usually need a speculum exam yet.

In my visit, the doctor asked about family history, medical history, allergy, etc.
Then, I have to drink a lot of water for the ultrasound scan.


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