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Reflections of 2010

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I feel that I have no control over my studies. Honestly, if you ask me what my advices would be to those aspiring knowledge seekers, it is better to do a master (by coursework) than to do a doctorate degree. In a doctorate degree, your destiny is somehow determined by other people. Since we have taken these paths, and we are close the finish line (though our bosses love to extend our finish line). What can we do? Surrender everything to God (an answer to console ourselves) and try our best (a diplomatic answer).

In terms of family, I managed to spend Lunar New Year together this year (it is called Seollal in Korean). Since I am now living closed to my parents (well relatively short distance flight compared to trans-Atlantic/Pacific flights), I want to visit them every Lunar New Year. Since 1999 until 2006, I only spent one Lunar New Year with them. I also spent the 2008 and 2009 away from my parents. God taught us that family is more important than work (career), so this way I am doing more of God’s will. This summer, I met a Taiwanese middle-age woman, formerly from a lab of my grand-supervisor in Harvard, who told me that no matter how busy she is, she will always visit her parents. Thanks to the uplanned Seattle transit by United Airlines, I met a Hong Kong grand-mother who visited her parents in Toronto. With God’s blessings, I look forward to bringing my parents to enjoy vibrant Lunar New Year in our ancestor land.

Almost 5 years ago, I told Darling my 3 dream destinations. Honestly, none of them has been fulfilled. It is okay, I will still keep these dreams. Yet, God has been so genereous to me, to visit places that I have never heard of, from Cappadocia to Cyprus; to meet and work with people from different races, cultural and education backgrounds, religions (including atheists), fame and fortune status. I also started to dream to visit Antarctica, a land where no nation claims sovereignty.

I look forward to opportunities to grow with God, with Darling, and making fruitful contributions in this life. God thank you for your blessings, and in our difficulties, we seek and trust You.

In terms of career wise, our hopes are to finish our studies. We believe that God will provide to us, and we will put our efforts through hardworking, smartworking, learning humbly, and having grateful hearts.

Dec 29th: Darling told me that I have potential to do part-time selling cosmetics. I could potentially attract rich ladies from my birth country.

Written by blueroselady

December 31, 2010 at 11:59 pm

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