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Merry Christmas and our engagement

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We went to the Cathedral to attend a Xmas Eve mass. There were so many people that we could not get into the church, so we stood at the aisle near the wing door closer to the priests residence. From our perspective, I could get a glimpse of the Xmas tree and the Jesus on the cross. Only when we went to receive holy communion that we managed to see the atmosphere inside the church.

Then, I thought, in life not everyone of us will experience the same things, e.g. of course those sitting will be more comfortable than standing (well we do not mind standing for God). It is more important to be grateful to what we have (e.g. a very good spot for us to look up to Jesus as an analogy to always seek God and be grateful to be able to see, to feel God). It is also essential to spot and feel love, hope, and grace in our lives. I felt so warmed when a China lady danced with her daughter listening to the mass joyous singing, even if they are non-believers.

After the mass ended, we went into the cathedral, people were flocking in for the midnight mass. Dear gave me a surprise. In the midst of carolling (with international theme), Dear gave me a diamond ring. Dear proposed with the God as witness, and joyous carolling as his supporters. I am so touched that I cried. Tonight was the most beautiful day of my 2010 🙂

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December 24, 2010 at 11:30 pm

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