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Inspiration from a noodle seller

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While having my dinner, my mind was busy calculating how much the noodle seller can make a day, a month, whether she could support her family. Let say on average for each plate of fried noodle that she sold, she earns $1 after deducting the expenditure (raw materials, rental, etc). If she manages to sells 50 plates a day, she will earn $50. If she works 6 days a week, she earns 6 * $50 = $300 a week; 52/12 weeks * $300 = $1,300 a month.

When I was a kid, my parents always tell me not to worry about finance, but to focus on my study.
Now after living more than a quarter of century, I am still a student, though relatively wealthier than some years ago me.
I am grateful for what I have, but if I have the capacity and passion to earn more, why not?

Darling asked me, if I have to choose one, do I want to be a 10-year best paper author or a millionaire?
Perhaps I have become a capitalist, but with money, we can do many things, to build a school, to build a research center.
But a 10-year best paper author still has to apply (beg) for funding.


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November 26, 2010 at 3:05 pm

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