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Taking the public transport back home, we smelt unpleasant shit odor. Fortunately, this does not happen everyday and we have seats so that we can read and work. Though I owe a very little share of the public transport company, so it should make me feel better everytime I spend money on public transport, sometimes I wonder whether I will have the opportunities to have a ride on SUV or to own a car. Perhaps, I am influenced by an about-my-age lady who bought a car, bought her first condominium. Anyway, it is not a must. By taking public transport, we contribute to the reduction of carbon emission. This is an act of loving Mother Nature. I had some rides on Mercedes Benz while I was in school, thanks to the kind couple who were willing to be my guardian. I love it, seeing the night sceneries of a capital.

Darling is very kind to promise me that every year we will go together to visit a place that we have never been to. I am excited to add country count to my travel map. But again, country is a political boundary set by human beings, why do I bother so much? I guess I suffer from human condition, like to be part of races, and of course winning the races or competitions. The most important thing is to leave a positive impact on the places we have visited. Yes, I have helped to promote some places I have been to, perhaps this is also doing God will.

Will we have the opportunity to fly first class?
Will we visit the Antarctica and see the penguin?
I do not mind to live humbly, but if we can be rich, we can help many people.

Newspapers mention that in order to retire comfortably we should have $1 million. Calculating my current income and the future prospect of increase in salary in this line, it is hardly going to hit $1 million. To get the top jobs, the competition is very tough. Instead of pyramidal climbing up in the career ladder, the ladder in my field is an inverted funnel with a very narrow stem.

This afternoon, I saw an old woman has to work selling tissue paper. I bought from her. I do not want my mother or myself end up like her. Sometimes I wonder how can I help others while I have not succeeded in helping myself and my family?

I heard in a course that career is not the most important. After all, the family is the basic unit of society, not company. Then, why do so many people are trapped in the career pursuit?

Perhaps I still have the VIP-withdrawal symptom. The saying goes that it is inspiring to go from rags to riches, but it is pretty demoralizing to go the reverse.
No matter what happen, we have to believe that God has a good plan for me. I believe in our grand plan.
We can only pray to God, study and work smart and hard.

My mother says the most important is to live a healthy life, do not harm others, then followed by the study / work priority.


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October 19, 2010 at 2:45 pm

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