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The frugal millionaires

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I am so proud of my Honey who saves money by not ordering drinks in restaurant, but buying drinks from supermarkets, which are cheaper.

I believe that my Honey will become a frugal millionaire in the future, like the following guys below:

1. Warren Buffett. Our idols. Born 1930. Still stay in the house he bought 50 years ago in Omaha, Nebraska. Has traveled around the world and tasted expensive food, but prefers burger and coke. Do not buy expensive toys e.g. yatch.

2. Carlos Slim Helu. Mexican. Telecommunication.

3. Ingvar Kamprad. Ikea. Fly economy, take public bus or drive his own 15-years old Volvo 240GL.

4. Chuck Feeney. Duty Free Shoppers Group. Atlantic Philanthropies.

5. Frederik Meijer.

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September 26, 2010 at 1:52 pm

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  1. […] I will go for free food after talks. Like the IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad who waits until the afternoon to buy his fruits and vegetables when the prices drop, we buy discounted bread after 9.30 pm for the next morning breakfast. For more inspiration, see the frugal millionaires. […]

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