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We are what we think

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Thoughts, goals and ideas work the same way, and we can increase our brain’s considerable input on them if we learn to ask our brain nicely and deliberately to get involved.

Good things need to be noticed. We generally have to be more deliberate about the positive. Our brain will help us find innovative ways to do it. Just prime it, and it will be there for us.

How to make OUR THOUGHTS work for us?
1. Keep a sleep journal. Every night before we go to bed, write a few pressing questions in a notebook. It worked for Edison; it can work for us too!
2. Play and Travel. Innovative and creative Google is famous for its play areas. Play allows us to see new things.
3. Incubate. When you have a big question–like “How am I going to be successful?”–the worst thing you can do is to try to solve it immediately. Research shows that the “aha moment” comes after we have worked a problem from every angle without coming up with an answer.
4. Open our brain up to ideas everywhere, not just in our industry or service area.

Tell our brain about the life I am looking for. Let our subconscious do its magic. Put good things in our head, be open to success showing up in unlikely places. And then get out of the way. Aha! We knew that already.

Thanks to Scott Halford from


Written by blueroselady

September 1, 2010 at 5:03 am

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