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The Power of Enthusiasm

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The difference in actual skill, ability and intelligence between those who succeed and those who fail is usually neither wide nor striking. But if people are equally matched, the one with enthusiasm will have the scales tipped in his or her favor. The best way to get someone excited about an idea or a project is to be excited yourself and to show it.

Loudness does not constitute enthusiasm, nor does pounding the table, or jumping up and down. It is fake, it does not fool anyone. Enthusiasm is an intrinsic feeling, a feeling that has to come from inside our soul. It is not to be confused with boisterous (热闹) hype. It is true increased physical movement and stronger voice projection sometimes accompany an inner feeling of enthusiasm.

We cannot fake enthusiasm, but YES we can create, nourish enthusiasm and put it to work for us. The way to acquire enthusiasm is to BELIEVE what we are doing and BELIEVE IN OURSELVES, and to WANT TO GET SOMETHING DEFINITELY ACCOMPLISHED.

Enthusiasm is easiest to attain when we have REAL GOALS in our life, things we are genuinely looking forward to. Let that happen and enthusiasm will grow inside us. Wake up and think about something pleasing that will happen today. To achieve real success, we have to be excited by our life and our work.

If a person is feeling bored with life, the people around will be falling asleep as well.
If a person is sarcastic and antagonistic, they will be too.
If a person is lukeworm, they will never boil.

Enthusiasm is made of two parts: (1) PASSION, (2) CONFIDENCE.

Always surround ourselves with successful happy people. Those people’s attributes will become a part of us.

Enthusiasm is as important as high ability and hard work.
We all know people who are brilliant and accomplish nothing,
we all know people who work hard and get no where.
People who can work hard and be enthusiastic, they are going places!

Thanks to Global Humanitas

Written by blueroselady

August 20, 2010 at 1:00 am

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