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Miscellaneous stuff from summer 2010

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@~@ has Turkish eye motif pendant that Mum wants.
Then I learnt from a guide book that I could buy it in the market, instead of the expensive Swarovski, but of course different quality.

Trolltunga (troll tongue in Norwegian) – overlooking scenic Skjeggedal valley.
Folgefonna – the country’s 3rd largest glacier.
Darling, let us go to Scandinavia in the future.
Even if I have been to Norway, as inspired by Wu Bai’s song, I admire and long to see Norway natural beauty again. Yet, I have to admit that Scandinavia is beautifully expensive.

I love the style of WuChun in 14 blades (錦衣衛).

From the King of Masks.

Turnover per day of stock exchange in Asia:
1. Shanghai
2. Tokyo
3. HK
Shanghai is the IN thing now.
Get a Shanghai hunk or babe, set up a company in Shanghai, buy a property in Shanghai, be a part of record breakers for Shanghai Expo!


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