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Our family in summer 2010

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Dad loves to wear sleeveless T-shirts now. He looks like a martial art teacher from Shaolin school.
Dad is very patient. On Friday night, he went to the airport to pick me up. On Saturday afternoon, he goes to the airport to pick up my sister from Australia. Two days later, he has to go to the airport to send my sister and I off, we are taking early morning flight.
Mum is grateful. She only has less than 48 hours for her family to be physically united in her home, but she is happy and satisfied.
Mum is a woman without worry, I must learn from her.
Mum is a liberal woman, she does not mind change clothes in front of us, except our brother.
Mum told me that a Shanghai guy fancies my sis, now I understand why mum wants me to be a protector, they agree to meet in Shanghai this month, and I am supposed to be the eyes and ears of mum, if necessary, her hands to protect or to bless.
Correction: that guy is her boyfriend, he has asked her to be his girlfriend. They are going to meet in Shanghai and he does not want to see me. What?!
When sis saw me, she said “you are so slim, I am fat” I guess girls are very concerned on their appearances. She said I am like a tweety bird, big head and small body.
Well, I think I prefers Pullip doll. Pullip has an oversized head on a jointed plastic body, with eyes that can change positions and wink.
Sis is 5 cm taller and 10 kg heavier than me. She gained 5 kg in Australia.
My brother has grown up. His legs are as muscular as a footballer. His shoulder is as wide as a body builder. Only his baby face reminds us that he is still our baby brother. I love seeing him wearing T-shirt with a big word of Stanford.
On the night of sis return, we savoured kangoroo meat, bbq-ed by sis. Mum said it tasted like beef.
On our last supper this summer, we have foie grass given by Dad friend. My brother is against it as he thinks it is very cruel to treat the goose, well he is missing one of life delicacy. Probably, he has never experienced life difficulties like us.
Dad fancies our return and family gathering because he can only enjoy delicacies when all his children are at home. Mum will find excuses not to have feast when their children are not around.
Dad told me that when I was a kid, probably around 3 years old, he loves to bring me to buy stuff for his shop. First, I do not have many toys nor any playmates as I am his first kid, I enjoyed the shopping so much. Second, I did not ask him to buy toys even if I liked them, my sister would do that, that is why Dad found it was more stressful and less fun to bring her shopping. Dad would tie me behind the Vespa (yes Italian Vespa), for worrying that I might fall down due to falling asleep. That was a bit of experience that I remember from my earlier childhood, it was fun looking at many stuff and Dad would treat me cold local drink after he finished shopping.
This weekend, I had tight schedule. Went to have a hair cut, saw a traditional medical check-up, made a video of home, saw a dentist, went shopping for a luggage.
I did not mind going to a cheap hairdresser, the cost was only less than USD 2. My sister chose a better hairdresser, her cost was 5x mine. Her new hairstyle is Cleopatra alike.
Why did I make a video of home? First, it is for memory because Dad is thinking to sell his house and travel around. We used to sleep in the same room as our parents, because we were less prosperous than now. Second, it serves for insurance evidence, the insurance book that I read advices people to keep a video of properties if keeping receipts of all valuables within house too troublesome to do. Perhaps, you could do that too.
Like Darling, I have become workaholic, I could study sitting outside fitting room while waiting for Mum and Sis.

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July 5, 2010 at 4:40 pm

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