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Week ending June 27th, 2010

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How to install Adobe CS from DVD on a laptop without DVD-drive?

Get Folder2ISO from

How to use Folder2ISO:
Step 1: Run the Folder2ISO program
Step 2: Use the folder browser to locate the folder which you want to convert.
Step 3: Now select the destination folder where you want to save your ISO file.
Step 4: If you want give a label to the ISO file which you are going to create.
Step 5: Now go on and generate your ISO file from your folder.


How to uninstall Adobe CS4?
Remove all Adobe in old laptop: (1) Deactivate the license, (2) Control Panel -> Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium -> uninstall
Get a portable DVD drive for new laptop -> Just follow the instruction.

Once upon a time, we received a letter of encouragement from Australia Prime Minister, Julia. So lucky to be us!

Today activities:
did packing for upcoming multi-destination trips.
did sweeping and mopping home.
got my Adobe CS4 ready, thanks to roommate.
made Honey happy.
attended an evening mass.
had a Japanese dinner: raw salmon, pork ramen, lobster salad sushi, fried salmon skin.
shopped for almost 50 pieces of disposable underwears.
replied emails from stranded passengers and an aspiring student.

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