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Book: Awaken the giant within

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Author: Anthony Robbins

Chapter 7 [How to get what we really want]

Aim: To discover the TRUE SOURCE of happiness. page 151.
Happiness comes from within. Blueroselady: I remember that a teacher in Cambridge taught the same. I am so blessed to be exposed to their teaching and sharing.

What we truly want in life?
We want these things or results because we see them as a means to achieving certain feelings, emotions, or states that we desire. page 153.

Our behaviour is not the result of our ability, but of the state that we are in at this moment. page 154.
Mentally, we HAVE TO FOCUS on what empowers us.

Emotion is created by motion. page 155.
E.g. when we change our facial expressions or our gestures, we shift how we feel in any moment, and thus the way we evaluate our lives.

Getting old is not a matter of age, it is a lack of movement. page 159.
Blueroselady: Now, I understand why grandma died shortly after her fall. She is an active woman, and she derives her energy and feel-good emotion from her motion, doing housechores, climbing up and down.

Lesson from John Denver: the times when he wrote his best songs, their inspirations had come to him when he was doing something physical. He got his inspirations after he had skied down a mountain, flown his jet, driven a sports car at high speeds. We need ADRENALINE RUSH along with FOCUSING on the BEAUTY OF NATURE.

Emotions to cultivate:

If we want to improve our life, LEARN TO LAUGH. page 157.
According to psychoneuroimmunology, laughter can stimulate immune system.

If we focus on something enough, and we PICTURE it and think about it, pretty soon we will start to feel it. page 159.
We could focus on things that have not happened yet, and FEEL GOOD about them IN ADVANCE.
Think of camera lens, they shows only the picture and angle of what we are focused on.

We should not jump to conclusions without CHOOSING what TO FOCUS very carefully.
E.g. somebody is late for a business meeting. Do we think that (1) they are not here yet because they do not care, (2) they are having great difficulties in getting to the meeting, or (3) they were fighting to get a better bid on the business proposal they were bringing us.

If we have been consistently focusing on the worst that could happen, there is no excuse for continuing to do that. Start now TO FOCUS ON THE BEST. page 170.

Focus on where we want to go (DESTINATIONS), not on what we fear. page 161.
Focusing on SOLUTIONS is always to our benefits.
A mind out of control will play tricks on us.
“Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7.

If we feel that a person is taking advantage of me, we ask “How can I turn this around?”. Use QUESTIONS to get a more empowering answer.
When we are angry and hurt, we are tempted to revenge. E.g. Bo Jackson was considering to kill the boy who bullied him. However, the potential pain (being jailed, raped in the prison) was greater than the anticipation of revenge.

How to focus?
Think of a time in our life when we had a very enjoyable xp. page 167.
When thinking about a task we usually avoid, we ADD COLOR to our IMAGE of it, we will find that our positive emotional intensity grows immediately.
Brightness is an important submodality for most people. Blueroselady: That is why I love to study with sunlight or fluorescence light instead of tungsten light.

Crucial skills to master:
(1) Be able to change our state INSTANTLY no matter what the environment, no matter how scared or frustrated we are.
(2) Be able to change state consistently in ANY ENVIRONMENT.
(3) Establish a set of patterns and focus, so that we CONSISTENTLY feel good without any conscious effort.
(4) Enable OTHERS to change their state instantly, to change their state in any environment, and to change thie state for their whole life. Blueroselady: Successful sales people who have been trying and have sold me things, have used this!

The real key in life is to be able to make ourselves feel good when we do not feel good, or when we do not even want to feel good. page 158.

How to make ourselves FEEL GOOD (without the use of food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or other addictive sources)?
We are ALIVE. We can feel good for NO REASON AT ALL! page 159.
Read and learn learn, something instructional and informational, something we can immediately apply to our life.
Take a warm shower.
Hug and kiss Darling and my future children.
Create a new idea, a new company, a new concept.
Tell jokes to friends.
Make plan(s), clarify dreams, goals, and aspirations.
Do anything that makes me feel like I am contributing.
Donate to charities for children and education.
Polish up my memories.
Look at my Most Treasured photo album (it comprised carefully selected images to rejuvenate on beautiful moments and loved ones).
Think of our next travel destinations.
Travel, meet people, make new friends, and learn others culture.
Have a family dinner and chat about what is most important to us.
Have a meal-together with Darling, the delicious food in life.
Think of a time in our life when we had a very enjoyable xp. page 167. This will also help us to FOCUS.
Have an intimate moment with Darling (look forward to making love when we get married).
Exercise -> jogging, swimming, skydiving.
Listen to music.
Watch a comedy film (e.g. Valentine Day on my United flight to Narita early this month).
See sunrise and sunset.
Be able to breathe in fresh air.
Create and design a monthly happy project.

As I type this, I serve as a nanny for a two-year old toddler who could not sleep due to her flu. I have been sleeping from 9.30 pm to 1.30 am. I feel so good, she is singing “Barry has a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, …”


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