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Friday night in the third week of June 2010

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8pm: Dinner with Darling. A Japanese movie, the title is probably Kaiji, teaches us to believe in positive things, because what we believe will happen.
9.30pm – 1.30am: Sleep.
1.45am: diarrhea.
2am: Read a self-help book to get me ready for upcoming work. Listen to peaceful Tibetan music from YouTube, thanks to the taxi driver for recommending me. Receive an email from collaborator, we are one step closer, finger cross!
3am: Eat sushi as I am hungry, thanks Darling for buying it.
5am: Apply a facial mask from Kose Seikisho Mask White. Wearing the mask, I look like Santa Companion, haha. After the mask, I look like a Snow White.
6am: Take my first ever royal jelly capsule.
7am: Read the story of Josephine Agbi (from Accra, Ghana). Make an online donation to
8am: Hand wash my clothes from US trip.
8.30am: Apply nail polish to seduce my partner.
God thank you so much for your kindness.

I include here what Josephine wrote:
“When I was young, I was left with no parents to care for me. I stayed with my Auntie – but she mistreated me until I could not stand it any more. I left her home and came to Accra, where I stayed with a friend at KonKomba (a shanty town), The only work we could get was ‘kaya yoo’ (carrying heavy loads for money).

In KonKomba you are surrounded by violence, prostitution and armed robbery. Because of this, I ended up getting pregnant by an irresponsible man, who left when he found out I was pregnant. I was barely surviving and heavily pregnant when I met a fieldworker from Street Girls Aid, who took me to their refuge. There, they supported me with accommodation, food and shelter before and after the birth of my baby boy.

I returned to my village (Todome) until my baby was fully weaned, and when I decided I would like to return to Accra, Street Girls Aid offered me sponsorship so that I could learn a trade and support my baby. After three years of training, I became a qualified seamstress. Now, I work at Catholic Action for Street Children, where I help train young children who are in the same position as I was.”


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June 18, 2010 at 11:32 pm

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