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May make-up inspired by the light of cities that never sleep

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Think Manhattan, Tokyo, HongKong …

Foundation (choose water base one)
Concealer for corner of the nose, eyebags, redness around the mouth.
Powder: pad it on our face, instead of brush it on.
Define eyebrows.
Liquid eyeliners to create cat eye look (before that one can use an eye pencil to make an outline)
Make a triangle shape at the outer corner of eyes.
Use a DAMP brush to pick up blue eyeshadow color, apply on the outer and inner corners of eyes.
Fake eyelashes + curl together with our natural eyelashes, use mascara to hold them together.
Blush on, including the jawline.
Soft lips color please.

Image is by: Tony Shi, /\ltus, Alex Lau, Michelle Pham.


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May 30, 2010 at 3:24 am

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