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How does free fall like? Skydiving!

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Can roller coaster training prepare one for sky-diving?
How does free fall like?

From: (Tandem Skydive costs $199.00 each)
Should I do a Tandem jump, or an AFF jump?
We think that ANY skydive is a good one to do! Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is the choice if you really want to learn how to skydive.
Tandem Jumps are more of an introduction, but do count towards your future training. If you only plan to make one jump ever, we recommend a Tandem. If you think you might become a regular skydiver and pursue the sport, then try an AFF.

What kind of clothes should I wear?
You should wear comfortable sneakers and clothes appropriate for the season; shorts and a T-shirt on a hot day are fine and if is a colder day, long pants and a comfortable long sleeve shirt. We have jumpsuits and goggles available for you.

What about if I wear glasses or contacts? No problem, we supply goggles that will fit over your glasses or keep your contacts in.

How hard will I land? ‘Ram-Air’ (square) parachutes these days fly like airplanes or gliders and sail through the air. They can slow down a great deal, and the student parachutes are quite large and forgiving. Very hard landings are extremely rare and injuries are even more rare, but they can and do happen.

What is the training for Tandem? You will be briefed on what tandem skydives are all about and how to perform during a normal tandem jump. After this is complete we will brief you on the equipment, the freefall, parachute ride and landing. Then we will get you on an airplane as soon as possible.

What if the parachute does not open? All sport parachute systems contain two parachutes, a main and reserve. The Tandem Instructor is highly trained on the use of the system and while a parachute malfunction is very rare, it can and does happen. The reserve parachute flies and lands almost identical to the main parachute.

Will I get sick? Some people get a little motion sickness during the parachute ride, but not the freefall. If you are susceptible to motion sickness, then perhaps a Gravol or Dramamine will help. We can fly the parachute like the wildest roller coaster that you have ever been on. We can also fly it smooth, flat and slowly if you prefer that.

Wearing a harness connected directly to the Tandem parachute system, you will jump together and accelerate to 120MPH (200Kph), freefalling for about 60 seconds.

At about 5000′, we will open the parachute, and then you can assist us in steering the parachute during the 4-6 minute ride down. During that time you will get to practice the landing, have yourself a great roller coaster ride (if you like that), and then land on the dropzone with your video person waiting to film it all.

From: (# Price from USD $198.99 # Tandem skydive. Includes free pickup/drop off at Tropicana Hotel and Casino)
What does it feel like?
It is hard to describe what it feels like. There is no feeling of falling as you might get on a roller coaster. A feeling of weightlessness is how most describe it.

This is how my own research breaks down about why people go tandem skydiving;

1. To tick the box or just because I can
2. It’s on my bucket list
3. Always felt I wanted to…
4. To prove it – to myself or others
5. I want to know what its like to really fly
6. Self preservation – I want to learn the skills because I’m aircrew
7. I’m thinking of learning to skydive and I want to try it out first before signing up for an accelerated free fall course
8. I want to raise money to help someone so I’m doing this for charity
9. Something changed in my life and I’m developing/improving myself
10. I’m an adventurous spirit, constrained in this particular life by a disabled body and if I could, I’d probably be doing an accelerated free fall course

A skydive can be broken down into 5 parts; the aircraft exit, the freefall, the canopy ride (parachute), the landing and the ‘what to do if xyz happens’ (emergency drills). The concept of ‘breaking this movement down into parts’ was something coined on military drill squares over fifty years ago (sorry to all those new age skydivers, but some older things ain’t that bad really). So by focussing on just the freefall part in the windtunnel, you can ‘research’ and prepare yourself before going on a real skydive and make that real skydive much more successful by having first used indoor skydiving to prepare your body position and control.

Perhaps I should try indoor skydiving session first!

My friend who has done skydiving on the free fall: “more like…ever dream urself falling? that kind of feeling but prolonged”

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