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New York City Time Square car bomb (May 1st, 2010)

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I was so worried when my housemate told me about it. My sweetheart is flying to New York City today, God Bless everyone.


In the evening hours of Saturday, May 1, 2010, New York City police discovered a car bomb in a Nissan Pathfinder between Seventh and Eight Avenues on 45th Street. The discovery prompted thousands of tourists to be evacuated from the area. The SUV had been smoking, but there was no explosion.

The device in question contained explosive elements, according to Deputy Commissioner Paul J Browne, the New York City Police Department’s chief spokesman. It included propane tanks, “some kind of powder,” gasoline and a “timing device.”

Cops began evacuating the Crossroads of the World as the bomb squad used a robot to get inside the car.

Tourists rushed out of the Marriott Marquis hotel and several Broadway shows.

Seven big shows went dark, including “Billy Elliot” and “The Lion King,” which is located directly behind the would-be car bomb.

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As investigators try to discover the identity and motives of those behind an “amateurish” but potentially lethal bomb found at Times Square, a grim fact is not in dispute: New York exerts an irresistible attraction for those intent on inflicting harm on America.

The mayor, Michael Bloomberg, put it succinctly: “We have no idea who did this or why,” he said, adding that his city was always a top terrorism target. “These things invariably … come back to New York.”



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May 2, 2010 at 12:57 pm

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  1. CNN reported that the car’s engine was left running and most damningly the hazard lights were turned on and left flashing. Nobody that truly wants to kill people with a genuine car bomb is going to make sure they draw attention to it so it’s found before it can detonate. Sounds much more like someone with an agenda wanted to cause a panic and stampede the public into backing increased funding for whatever particular “anti-terror” task force they belong to, for example in NYC. Keep an eye peeled for blowdried creeps in suits in the next few days harping on this “attempted car bombing” and using it as a political prop to squeeze more funding out of the public for more useless “anti-terror” programs.

    Anyone who neglects to ask the vital question of “Who benefits?” in any matter like this is naive. And anyone who doesn’t take any of these so-called “failed terrorist attacks” with an ENORMOUS grain of salt, more like a boulder of salt, needs to have their head examined.

    Common Sense

    May 2, 2010 at 9:19 pm

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