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The evolution of aspirations

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When I am in high school, I dream of going to a famous university overseas, travel the world, meet people from different cultural, religious, political backgrouds whom I have never encountered before.

When I am in undergraduate, I aspire to heal the world. I am afraid of blood, so cross out doctor as a profession of choice. I did not mind to go to the lab 7-day a-week, arriving in the morning, leaving in the morning too (early a.m. hour). Then, I realized that my body is not strong enough to endure this challenge, I need work life balance.

When I have lived a quarter-of-century, I appreciate finance, investment, and entrepreneurship, for I wish to start a family and to spend quality time with my family. No matter what I will do, what professions I will undertake, I wish that I will be able to do God’s will, to do what I love with my best efforts and use them as service to others.


Written by blueroselady

April 18, 2010 at 1:41 am

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