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The joy of photography

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This article is especially written for my Darling, a beginner who aspires to take good shots of his sweat heart and future generations.

I learnt them before but we human beings tend to forget. It is always good to re-learn on what we have learnt, as we may be able to gain new perspectives based on what we know at the present moment.

METERING = measuring the brightness of light.

Check the 4 corners before shooting!

If you cannot use a tripod:
(1) lean against something.
(2) put the camera on something.

When shooting white subjects, which normally comes out too dark, increase the exposure compensation.
When shooting dark subjects, which normally comes out washed out, decrease the exposure compensation.
HISTOGRAM indicates if it is an OPTIMUM exposure.

People photographed with direct flash, for many times turns up oily, with uneven redness on face, shadow, etc. Therefore, I tried to avoid photographing people when it is too dark or the sun is behind them. Instead, the sun should be our natural flash.

Hope these are useful to you too!

Reference was retrieved from  Canon: Discover the real joy of photography.

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