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Black Gothic Romantic make-up (Spring 2010)

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Concealer (lower eyebrow, dark eye bag, pimple, redness around the nose)
Foundation (don’t forget jawlines). The lighter the color the better.
Powder (I am using baby powder, yes baby powder). Romantic Gothic needs matte, instead of shimmering look.
Eyeshadow primer
Eyeshadow dark purple + black + dark brown (on eye socket). Use tissue to prevent eyeshadow fall-out.
Black dots on the inner duct (Inspired by the Alice in the Wonderland).
Dark brown eyshadow at side of nose.
White eyeshadow on nose bridge to accentuate the sharpness.
Wing the eyes using black eyeliners.
Remember to blend, blend, and blend sharp / harsh edges / lines.
Eyelashes + mascara to attach with the natural one.

Use matte blush on to sunken our cheek

Keep on perfecting skin. That’s how the professional do it, because face will eventually become oily and it does not look nice.

Hair Do
Black Gothic Romantic fingernails

My inspirations come from:
Tim Burton’s characters

Part 2: Cat lady
Use matte foundation.
Draw eyebrow as straight as possible.
Highlight brow bone area.
Eyelids with dark shade.
Eyeliners to accentuate (please see the eye figures below).
Use shimmering silver shade on the harsh black lines then blend.
Stripes on cheek and black ball on nose.


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