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How to make more eyeshadow colors?

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Obviously, I cannot keep on buying eyeshadow. First, I have tight budget. No MONEY means I cannot look like a HONEY. Yet, I decided not to give up.

Can I create a new color of eyeshadow from my existing one?
Eyeshadows are
Powder Base
Mica Pigment
Powder Binder
The binder makes the powders stick together. That’s how you get a pressed panned powder.

It seems that I need to buy the raw materials from beauty suppliers.

Step 1
Use a mini-grinder or plastic bag to mix the different colored micas together. In order to blend the mineral evenly, it’s best to use a grinder. Grinders can be purchased at mineral makeup stores. Mix silvers or golds with a primary color like purple and blue.

Step 2
Experiment by grinding up many different shades of mica and mixing small amounts together. Mix small amounts so you don’t waste your minerals on testers. Once you find the shades you like, grind larger amounts so you can make pressed eyeshadow out of them.

Step 3
Pour the ground minerals into a bowl after they have been mixed evenly. Before pouring, look for any streaks of color. If there are streaks, you should mix the minerals better.

Step 4
Spray a powder binder on the minerals that are in the bowl. This will make it easier for the minerals to stick together, which will help them stay on your eyelid when you apply them.

Step 5
Scoop the minerals out of the bowl and put them in an eyeshadow container. Use a spoon to pack the minerals down into the eyeshadow containers. Take a toothpick and carve a simple design or your initials into the minerals. Allow the minerals to dry thoroughly before using them.

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