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My first SLR

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I am so happy for my first ever SLR after years of humbly learning and taking photos. Thanks Darling for accompanying me and cheering my days. I am a professional photographer now ready to accept assignment(s) and of course I am constantly learning to provide the best results.

Personally, I do have aspirations for my Nikon. I call her Nikon from now onwards.
I aspire to take at least one good shot for my Happy Project. Happy Project is a series of photographs taken monthly with my beloved ones, especially my Darling. I visualize that Happy Project to continue until the end of 2010. For each month Happy Project, I wear new outfit. They are mostly my sister outfits, which are still very new but she could not wear them for too many times for ‘face’ (celebrities don’t wear the same outfit more than 3x), and I don’t mind wearing hers. Besides outfit, I also experiment with MAKE-UP and HAIRSTYLE and PROPS to create the atmosphere. I have used PROPS from umbrella to toys.

Today is probably my highest spending on shopping of the year, excluding the day when I need to purchase trans-ocean air tickets.

God I am so grateful to you. We went to the Sunday homily. The story started when a stranger knocked the door of a rich man who collected paintings of reknown painters. The stranger said that he was in the same unit as the rich man’s son, and the son has saved the stranger and many others. Unfortunately, the son died. The stranger told the rich man that the son shared about the rich man’s interests in paintings to the stranger. Therefore, the stranger, who is a also a painter, wants to give the rich man a portrait of the son which the stranger has painted. The painting captures the personalities of the son, and the rich man always introduces the painting on the son before showing his other collectible paintings by other reknown artist. After the rich man passed away, an auction is held. People come to buy the paintings byreknown artists. The first painting to be auctioned is the painting on the son. However, nobody wants to buy the painting on the son except the family gardener who offers to pay $10, because that is what he has. Then, it is announced that there is a secret condition of the auction, whoever bought the son painting, will inherit all the paintings collected by the rich man. Do you get what the priest mean? The son is Jesus.

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March 13, 2010 at 3:30 pm

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