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Vocation vacation

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Few days ago while dining with Dear, he said that he wanted to set up a company to help people find a job during their work leave. I wondered if there will be companies willing to hire such staff, they need to give them training and by the time they are capable to do their task, the staff has come to the end of their work leave. However, I found out about an entrepreneur Mr. Brian Kurth and his company (

Life begins at 40, or at least dream careers do. Brian’s clients are comfortable but restless in their 40s. This means they have unsatisfactory job and day-dreaming about what it would be like to do something different – work as a tour guide or a dog trainer.

About Brian Kurth:
(1) Holds degrees in political science, history and international relations from the University of Wisconsin and a masters degree in political science from Loyola University.
(2) Spent more than a decade in the corporate world in product marketing within the telecommunications industry with AT&T and Ameritech and then as the director of business development for a dot com startup.
(3) Created and launched VocationVacations in 2004, a one-of-a-kind career mentoring program offering professional and personal exploration.

A 20-year-old can be an intern, but people in their 40s has less opportunities.
Some companies like what Brian set up:
Transitions Abroad (provides short-term stints working overseas). (seasonal jobs in places like national parks, ski resorts, and theme parks).

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