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The world in a nutshell (early Spring 2010)

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(1) China has surpassed the US as the world 2nd largest luxury consumer. Businessmen buy small items like scarves and purses of famous brands, “with price tags intact” as gift for business partners.
From Hurun report: China’s super-rich has hit 825,000 people. 63% of them have 10-15 million yuan, 20% have 50-100 million yuan, and 17% have over 100 million yuan. 9% of them are 30 and below, 66% are between 31 to 45 years old. 30% of them are female.
In the past, luxury shops sales staff worldwide ignored the Chinese from mainland, but now they welcome them with big arms. With money, you will get Smile and Service.

(2) British poundsterling is falling. Good time to travel to UK, as your money will worth more.

(3) Top global brands: Wal-Mart, Google,  Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, GE, HSBC, HP, Nokia, Citi. Top 5 airline brands: Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, American Airlines, Japan Airlines (I have flied with each of them in my less-than-3-decades of life, thank you Lord for your generosity). Source: Brand Finance.

(4) Universities in US and Europe are having tough times. Students at UC Berkeley, U Wisconsin-Milwaukee are protesting against hike in tuition fee due to budget cut in education. Europe is also cutting spending on higher education. Germany’s increased spending is largely directed to provide scholarships for various key professions / gifted students, rather than core funding. European universities responded with postponing spending on new buildings, putting a free on new employees. UCL head Malcolm Grant said that funding may never come back to the levels of investment that they have presently got. Imperial College head Roy Anderson wants to cut the links with gov funding so that he can charge local students GBP12,000 a year instead of GBP3,145 of tuition fee at this moment.  They also admit more foreign students, but they less famous universities are less likely to attract $ from foreign students.


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