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See the world on bikes

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$11 a day travellers

Their ambition: to traverse 100 countries and 100,000 kilometres.

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Who are they? A couple Mr. Richard Ferge (a French) and his wife Stani Martinkova (a Czech-British)

How do they save?
$. Courchsurfing: an online social network for travellers, enables members to stay at one another’s homes for free, all in the name of social networking.
$. When couchsurfing is unavailable, they live in a tent and sleeping bags.
$. They sold their house some years ago at a profit of GBP70,000. Thank goodness they did it because property prices in England have been dropping. Since Dec 2005 in France, they have spent GBP 30,000 on their round-the-world trip. Very frugal! I don’t think I could survive with GBP 7,500 per annum living in England and this excludes my traveling.
$. Visit museums when there is FREE admission, catch FREE parade.

What are their achievements?
*. Visited their 49th country as of February 2010 (Europe, Russia, Mongolia, South Korea, western China, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia)
*. Bike ride to raise awareness on global warming and climate change.
*. Starting in 1996, they took 3.5 years to travel on bike from Alaska to Argentina, in particular Tierra del Fuego, which is known as the “end of the world”.
*. HEAR and SMELL the world. You can’t do so on planes flying across countries from point A to point B.

How have they survived? Among the difficulties the couple has faced are physical exhaustion, hostile immigration officers, austere climates and a stolen bicycle.
*. customed-built bikes costing about GPB 1,800 each.
*. carry cooking pots, a portable stove, a laptop, 18l water bags.

The couple has a piece of advice for materialistic souls: “Life is not just about money. There are many things to do and see in the world. We should make time for ourselves to enjoy the world we live in,” said Ferge, a vegetarian who is against cruelty to animals.


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