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The Apprentice’s James Sun

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Honestly, I had no time to watch The Apprentice, and only relied on Wikipedia.

From an in-flight magazine, I learnt about this guy called James Sun, he looked so handsome and talented.  James Sun, born 1977 in Seoul,  is a local Seattle entrepreneur, television host, and public speaker.

From his website biography:

“James Sun’s family immigrated to the United States in 1981 with $35 to their name.  They arrived in Los Angeles airport with no money and no contacts, and they didn’t speak the English language.  They had to survive through sheer determination, hard work, and hope.

In 1982, the family moved to Houston, Texas.  As the only Asian-American family in the neighborhood, James’s family faced much racism.  James can recall moments when their car tires were slashed and racist remarks were painted on their home.  Growing up in humble circumstances and facing extreme racism incited a fiery drive and passion in James at a young age.

James started his first business venture at age 11 where he negotiated contracts with local window cleaning companies to market their services door-to-door.  He pitch was simple, “Are you sick and tired of homeowners slamming their doors on you?  Well, why don’t you let me try…I’m just a kid…they won’t slam the door on a cute kid.”  He successfully started a business.

At the ripe of age 13, he started reading the Wall Street Journal and began his studies into the world of business and technology.  After graduating high school with a perfect 4.0 GPA, he started a technology investment company with $5000 at age 18 and became a multi-millionaire by age 22 while graduating (Cum Laude) from the University of Washington.

James has always had a passion for diversity awareness stemming from his early childhood experiences.  He experienced racism at a young age, and he understands the impact of educating the world on the importance of diversity.  This topic is true and dear to his heart and mind.  He is very active in his community to promote diversity in politics, business, and community service.

He is also a highly sought out speaker on the topic of Generational Differences between the Y, X, and Baby Boomer groups.  He has advised over 35 companies on this topic alone. He is published in a book titled “Millennial Leaders Y” (sold on and Barnes & Noble) as an expert in this field.

He is now the CEO and founder of, which a one-stop online visual city guide. It is a comprehensive online service helping people find local places through a visual geo-search engine and city-related blogs. GeoPage helps people make informed decisions on “where to go” and “what to do.”

James is the first Asian male to land a spot on Donald Trump’s hit reality show “The Apprentice.”  Asian-American men have a very difficult time landing a major role on prime time television, but James broke this barrier.  He was selected out of 800,000 applicants based on his previous business success, dynamic personality, and ability to shine in front of the camera.

The show aired for 14 weeks on primetime television, and James made it all the way through 14 weeks as a finalist in the competition.  James was the first Asian finalist in the history of the show.

Due to the show, James is known as an inspirational television personality, engaging speaker, and successful businessman.  He is well known in the business world and the entertainment industry.  He has a unique look and charming personality that has captured fans all across the world.

He is currently filming as a television host for BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) on a new hit international television program called “Sun Tzu War on Business” which is expected to air in 40 countries with a reach of 200 million viewers.

OK, enough. It’s too much of self-promotion biography. But, some climbing up Americans do that, they need to to be LOUD.

He has 2 gorgeous daughter, age 3 and 5. I want to catch his Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

“You never know what will happen to you when you achieve a little fame,” said Sun. “You see people with no sense of reality. They are swallowed up by the hype. They quit their jobs, get into drugs, become alcoholics. Their families break up. …

“I feel pretty good. I’m the same person, the same family man,” said Sun, as he drove around downtown Seattle in a Rolls-Royce Phantom. A film crew followed him; Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” blasted on the car’s stereo. “I married my passion and determination. It went a long way.”

To know more about him, visit His photo here looks fierce, I don’t like it.

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