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French Riviera

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I love French Riviera, where I once celebrated my birthday there and met wonderful friends. The sceneries and experience were fabulous too! Let’s go to French Riviera, it’s not only the famous Cannes or Nice, there are many things to see there. Over my holiday at Mum’s home, I watched a documentary on Crass perfume. Perhaps, we should also go to Crass.


Saint Tropez: Saint-Tropez: Made famous by Bridget Bardot, it has for long has been a hot destination for the rich and famous.

Marseille: Thanks to French Connection Marseille is best known internationally as a bastion of crime. Car chase at picturesque Old Port – one of  Marseille’s main attractions that barely survived a Nazi invasion at the end of WWII.

A famous joke (but french comedians Les Inconnus) states that Marseille is the first Arabic city in the Paris-Dakar race, because it has a very large population of North African immigrants. From colourful markets (like Noailles market) that will make you feel like you are in Africa, to the Calanques (a natural area of big cliffs falling into the sea – Calanque means fjord), from the Panier area (the oldest place of the town and historically the place where newcomers installed) to the Vieux-Port (old harbor) and the Corniche (a road along the sea) Marseille has definitely a lot to offer.

Corsica: From Marseille, we can take an excursion to Corsica.

Inspired from FILM + TRAVEL (Europe) Museyon: A curated guide to your obsessions.


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