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Photoshop tips ala Blueroselady

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The trick is to make eye bag less obvious, but not removing it entirely.
(1) use a stamp tool from photoshop.
(2) on the top menu, select the “furry” brush stroke (not the “hard-edge” brush stroke)
(3) decrease the opacity to about 18% to 20%
(4) select the lightest part of the cheek
(5) now stamp the tool on the eyebags.
Do not use Photoshop healing tool, it not good for eyebags… it just darkens the area underneath the eye.

(1) Open a picture with a stomach clearly showing
(2) Select “Filter” command, go to “Liquify”
(3) On the screen that appears through the liquify command, you can zoom in a little on the surrounding stomach area (do not zoom too close you must have a clear view of the rest of the body)
(4) Choosing the Pucker tool from the left margin, click on the stomach a couple of times to pucker it, making it smaller
P.S. If you want fuller lips, use Bloat tool instead of pucker tool.


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February 17, 2010 at 1:40 pm

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