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14 Blades 锦衣卫

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Today was a happy day for me, because after a dimsum with my parents and brother, I became a lightbulb for my parents watching 14 Blades 锦衣卫 at cinema. My ticket costs only around 2 bucks (compared this with 16 bucks I spent at a cinema in California last summer), and my seat was red, wide, and comfortable.

Below are my review.

The title.I wonder why they translated 锦衣卫 as 14 Blades. 14 Blades refer to the weapon that the main cast, a  锦衣卫 used.  Literally, 锦衣卫 means Brocade-clad Guards.  锦衣卫 is the government’s secret police, trained in clandestine combat since childhood (they are orphans, so nobody really cares if they are alive or dead).

Did 锦衣卫 really exists ore they are just an imagination of script writer? During the Ming dynasty, 锦衣卫 is like today FBI. Retrieved and translated from:

Their influences: 由于锦衣卫是由皇帝直接管辖,朝中的其他官员根本无法对他们干扰,因而使得锦衣卫可以处理牵扯朝廷官员的大案,并直接呈送皇帝。所以,朝中官员多畏惧锦衣卫。而且明朝特务机构使上至藩王宰相,下至平民百姓,都处于监视之下,稍有拂逆,便家毁人亡.

I think Wu Chun who played Judge of the Sands (沙漠判官), reminded me on my brother.


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February 17, 2010 at 5:10 pm

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