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Happy Valentine 2010 and Lunar New Year 2010

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Dear my readers

I would like to wish you a Happy Valentine 2010 and Lunar New Year 2010!
May you be loved and love with your heart always.
Have a happy, healthy, and harmonious life.

How many times we can experience a Lunar New Year together with a Valentine in our life span? 2010 is my first time. When will be the next one?

What are Blueroselady up to?
Had a vegetarian Teow Chew noodle as breakfast and lunch. Mum said eating noodle symbolize longevity.
Living up Little Nyonya as part of the happy project.
Writing an application inquiry. Wish me luck!
Heart-to-heart with Darling.
Sending greetings to old friends.
Editing photos for Dad. Annotate! Annotate!
Thinking of some useful tips for my readers.


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February 14, 2010 at 8:23 am

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