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@~@ When I was a kid, I collected stickers and stamps.
@~@ After I went overseas for the first time, I started to collect cards (birthday, new year, etc). I am still collecting cards and stamps now.
@~@ When I went to live in UK, I started to send Mum postcards from every country that I visited for the first time.
@~@ Besides, I also collected travel brochures. Now, I only keep those that I wrote on them, e.g. rides ticked on theme park map.
@~@ I also collected phone cards, pins (not that much). Now, I acquired less phone cards, but more credit cards.

Re-remember these blessings:
@~@ Recently, I read a newspaper article in which the author described her first sight on polar beat at Copenhagen zoo. I asked myself why I did not go to the zoo while in Copenhagen almost two years ago. I just remembered from a park map in my drawer at my parents’ home that Mum and I have seen polar bear at the Sea World, Gold Coast, Australia. Now, I want to see panda!
@~@ I have attended a talk by Bill Gates in 2005.
@~@ We (MX, EY,SL, and I) had a generously-treated banquet at Nirwana Ballroom, Mutiara Hotel.


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February 13, 2010 at 2:50 pm

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