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I do believe that women are eager to beautify themselves to make themselves, their loved ones, even strangers, happy.

While I was sorting Darling and my stuff, I thought how wonderful it is if we could have skin care and make up that are not too many, but meet all our requirements. Less is more.

Let me share how I do it, hopefully they are useful for you:

My mother recommended Olay total effects 7-in-1 anti ageing cream (SPF 15) by P and G Thailand.
Rice water toner
Organic Naturel hom mali brown rice (Thai) $4.3
Sasa spray container $2.25
Soak the rice in water -> store the water in container and put in fridge -> ready to use daily

For time being, I don’t use lipstick for my lips are radiating fleshy red especially post- spicy-meal or exercise. I have a Google lipbalm, useful for winter, though it has been very long time ago I need a lipbalm. London 2004, but after that I have not required any lipbalm till now.

I need not cotton bud. What I do, I twist a tissue paper into a coton-bud alike shape, and use it for cleaning ear, nose dirts.

# nail polish + removal + cotton. I have “The Face Shop WH003”. Even my nails are short (I could not keep long finger nails), I love to see them shiny while I am typing on the keyboard.

# Johnson’s baby powder: over the body after shower, on the face after foundation.

Essential for party / banquet :
# Acuvue Define
# mascara
# eyeshadow (min color: white / cream, light brown, dark brown, black)
# eyelashes
# eye lashes curler: I use hair dryer to heat it for longer-lasting curly eyelashes.
# Sunblock (for traveling)

Essential for daily:
# mascara: Maybelline Lash discovery mini-brush mascara.
# Olay (Toner -> Olay)
# Oxy 5: 5% benzoyl peroxide.
# Johnson’s baby bedtime lotion: I use it as moisturizer at night for face and once-in-a-while for body.
# Hair dryer


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January 3, 2010 at 7:44 am

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